Fintech Solution

Help Fintech Enterprises Realize Globalization Goal

Case Introduction

  • User Verification

    User Registration
    Password Retrieval


    5 Secs Delivery

    Fast Verification

  • Service Notice

    Loan Successfully Notice
    Abnormal Login Notice
    Payment Notice

    Notification SMS

    Multi-channel backup

    punctual delivery

  • Payment Notification

    Reminding Notification
    Overdue Payment Notification
    Collecting Payment Notification

    Marketing SMS

    Hot Backup SMS channel

    Single SMS But Reach the World

  • Promotion Reminder

    Loan Discount Notice
    Holiday Payment Discount
    Recommendation Rewards

    Voice SMS

    Avoid interception

    higher conversion

Why Choose SKYLINE

  • More

    Multiple Submission Methods
    Provide Multi Protocol Docking
    Hundreds of Operators Corporated
    14 Years Telecom Operation Experience

  • Fast

    Constantly Upgraded Platform
    7 * 24h Response to Customer
    Multi POP Reduces Data Latency
    Multi Channel Guarantee First Response

  • Better

    AI Route Supervision
    Familiar with Local Market
    Dynamic Content Adjustment
    Specialized in Developing Countries

  • Save

    Low Cost With 0-hop
    Templates Switch Freely
    Easily Replaced Content
    Automatic Task Save Time and Effort

  • Reliable

    Distributed POP
    Key data HOT Backed Up
    AI Test Ensure the DLR of SMS
    Process Encryption Ensure Security

  • Easy

    Self Account Opening
    Data Report Automatic Summary
    One Access to Multiple Countries
    Analyze Report help Strategy Adjust

Why We Are Professional

  • Licensed Operator In China
  • Mainland SP Licensed
  • Software Certification
  • Multiple Copyright

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